Printed Overalls worn by Sage and Bluebelle

Printed Overalls worn by Sage and Bluebelle

By Caetlyn Collins

Printed Overalls worn by Sage and Bluebelle



Meet Sage (2 years) and Bluebelle (5 years), two 'frenemies'

humorously quoted by their talented Mother Madison, who brings organic and fun loving moments to life in her photography work.

To view visit @raisingflowers.photgraphy via instagram.

Madison quotes..."The kiddies were so keen to wear the overalls as soon as I unwrapped them, so I took the chance while I could to take some fun snaps in our garden...the kids just got back from the halloween celebrations and were covered in fake were taken during that sugar high!"



Tell us something about Bluebelle ?

"I call Bluebelle my moon child because she is obsessed with the moon, so these overalls are perfect for her, she loves them!"

 How would you describe Sage's personality in three words ?

" Wild, hilarious and affectionate."

What's Sage's favourite thing to do at the moment?

"Play basketball, he's obsessed..he's always chasing that thing around.."

Describe Sage and Bluebelles relationship?

"..They're very close, they spend the most time together out of the three children. When Sage and I collect Bluebell from kindy he's so excited to see her..."

 You have three beautiful children, Tigerlilly, Bluebelle and Sage. What was your inspiration behind the names?

 " eldest is Tigerlilly, my husband chose it, we got inspired by INXS daughter of hers. Then having another girl we wanted another floral name to match and haven't met another Bluebell, with Sage we didn't find out the gender but he was going to be Sage regardless of if he was a boy or a girl...all of their names suit them perfectly."

What do you cherish the most with your children?

..Slow days like the little arfternoon in the photos that we had together. Bluebelle goes to school next year so I am soaking up these moments....

Have your children been able to get plenty of wear so far in our clothing?

"...Sage has been living in his Yin Yang print and Bluebelle loves her Space shorttalls...I love that the fabric is cool enough for these humid Queensland days and the fabric is so soft after even just one wash."