About the Label

My name is Caetlyn Blythe and I am the proud owner of Blythe and Bodhi the label.  Our family of five including our fur baby (Benny) live along the mid-south coast of South Australia where the grape vines meet the sea. We embrace the mindful living culture and want you to know that our ethical way of living guided us as we put together our range.  I've designed clothing that helps a child express the natural non-gendered simple way of being. I believe children should feel they are able to embrace the world with wonder, excitement and the freedom to grow into, and be who they are inside. 
My own childhood was full of outdoor play, exploration and appreciation for the natural world. I learned to be expressive and grew up with an inner peace and strong sense of the power in my liberty to choose life the way I wanted it to be.  As a mother I now cherish special memories of my youth, like when i foraged for mushrooms with my little brother and father in the Tasmanian forests and countryside, or visited my Nan in Launceston and picked all her raspberries from their vines. I would gobble them up leaving my cheeks and lips stained rouge. My clothes were always grubby coming back from adventures with my brother, because we had been climbing trees, fishing, building sand castles and playing under our next door neighbours water sprinkler. Our clothes returned again and again, hanging lovingly in our cupboards to wear for our next adventure; maybe one or two more stains and a sewn up hole but they were simply a part of daily life.
It is my heartfelt hope for similar joyous and unique moments for your child while wearing our clothes. Clothes they will love and that you can rely on. 
Please know that when you need to contact with any queries or questions, you will receive a response from me first hand! It's incredibly important to me to offer you the best service I possibly can. Thank you so much for the love and support from our hearts to yours. 
We are now five years into this business journey and currently running the business as a family whilst travelling in Australia and living in a caravan for 12 months. Follow our updates and journey through our personal page - sol.mumma on instagram

'We smile, we laugh, we play'
Blythe & Bodhi x